Jess’ "Y"

I started YFIT because I've watched too many people struggle with their health- not for a lack of trying, but because they don't understand how the human body works. There is no one size fits all system to getting in shape. Each body is different and needs a specific formulas to create efficient results. My clients have called me a “Mad Scientist” because after 20 years of studying the science of the human body, I can formula individual programs that produce mind-blowing results. The best part is, my clients work smarter not harder.

Jaimie’s “Y”

A few years ago I was overweight, depressed and anxious. In addition, I had constant back pain from scoliosis and years of labor intensive patient care performed as an LPN. At 30 years old my life changed. I found fitness and learned that nutrition doesn’t have to be restrictive, cardio is not supposed to deplete you, and proper lifting techniques will yield more efficient results. I lost the weight and feel better than ever. My personal journey to better health has motivated me to help others reach their fitness and life goals by living a wholesome and well-rounded life.

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