Our results are higher than the average fitness program because we truly customize each person's individual training plan. Through these customizations, we are able to generate larger results through efficient time and training.


We treat everyone as an individual with personalized goals and needs. That's why we have created a wide variety of training programs to choose from.
One on One
Built to fit anyone’s needs regardless of your age or fitness level. Guidance and support during your workouts, keeping you motivated, challenged and accountable.
Online Consultation
Web-based programs monitored through email, pictures, and phone consultation to develop daily/ weekly programs and progress tracking.
Group Training
Building enthusiasm for fitness through teamwork, while keeping your individualized goals in mind. Group training can be cost effective while working out with friends.
Contest Prep
Pre and Post-season programs for male and female bodybuilding, figure, bikini, and X-treme fitness competitors.
Athletic Enhancement
Individual or team-built strength and conditioning programs. Pre and post program performance testing. Programs are specifically built for athletes’ strength, speed and conditioning needs.
Designed to accommodate all levels of fitness, our camps are built to inspire, motivate and challenge you to achieve a higher level of fitness.
Our dedicated clients experience dramatic results because of our custom programs that are tailored to their bodies. See what they have to say...
"I've lost 75 pounds overall. In the last three months I've dropped from about 17% body fat to about 12% body fat. I have never been in this type of shape."
Jesse Pap
"He focuses on building a nutrition plan and personalizing if for my needs. I've lost 33 pounds and I've been able to maintain that weight loss."
Jonathan Gephart
In two and half months I have been able to gain almost 10 pounds (of muscle). When you are working with Jess, he is invest in you.
Brent Cameron
Jess’ "Y"

I started YFIT because I've watched too many people struggle with their health- not for a lack of trying, but because they don't understand how the human body works. There is no one size fits all system to getting in shape. Each body is different and needs a specific formulas to create efficient results. My clients have called me a “Mad Scientist” because after 20 years of studying the science of the human body, I can formula individual programs that produce mind-blowing results. The best part is, my clients work smarter not harder.

Jaimie’s “Y”

A few years ago I was overweight, depressed and anxious. In addition, I had constant back pain from scoliosis and years of labor intensive patient care performed as an LPN. At 30 years old my life changed. I found fitness and learned that nutrition doesn’t have to be restrictive, cardio is not supposed to deplete you, and proper lifting techniques will yield more efficient results. I lost the weight and feel better than ever. My personal journey to better health has motivated me to help others reach their fitness and life goals by living a wholesome and well-rounded life.

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